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Marriot Got A Smart Partner, And Succeeded

sodexhoVirtually overnight, Marriott Management Services and Sodexho USA went from an industry leader and a runner-up to the undisputed onsite giant. With 4,800 clients and 100,000 employees, the merged company is one of the country’s 50 largest employers and serves an unrivaled 4 million contract meals to North Americans every day. The company’s volume is such that its Gourmet Bean service, included in more than half its food accounts, is the fifth-largest coffee brand in the United States.


Having combined names, the company’s first task was to merge operations, which meant blending two sets of employees, two sets of accounts and two sets of operations ranging from purchasing to payroll.

Of the two companies, Marriott clearly was the power hitter, with $3.3 billion in sales compared to Sodexho USA’s $820 million. Marriott also brought to the table a robust hospitality brand and highly developed business systems such as procurement and R&D. With its French roots, Sodexho offered a …

Golf Shots You Need To Compete

golfshotsThe fastest way to lower your handicap is to improve your short game. Here, the five shots to master.

There are four universal truths in golf: Hitting long drives is terrific fun, mere fun gets old, true satisfaction comes from beating your last score, and the best way to beat your score is to have a solid short game. Period. Working on your short game game will deliver the biggest payoff (in strokes if not if not dollars). “Everyone has the capability to be good around the greens,” says Lynn Marriott, a teaching pro at top golf school Arizona State University‘s course in Phoenix. “The short game makes up more than 50 percent of an average golfer’s strokes per round, so improving it will cut strokes–fast.” Here, several top coaches offer advice for the five main shots on and around the green, Stop staring at your big slick. Break out the wedges and putter, and get to work.


Looking Back At Gardner At Arizona

gardnerThe Jason Gardner era at Arizona ended quite some time ago. But this is a look back:

He will arrive on campus, then squeeze into his first dormitory room and get that little queasy feeling about being so far from home and even farther from high school.

He is just a freshman and stands just 5-10, so it may seem overstated or premature to stamp such a label on the next several years of Wildcats basketball. But this is how they’ve come to mark time in Tucson.

The way quarterbacks at Notre Dame and tailbacks at Southern California once were burdened with the expectation of Heisman trophies, the Arizona point guard now can’t avoid becoming a top 10 selection in the NBA draft. Damon Stoudamire went seventh to Toronto in 1995. Mike Bibby went second to Vancouver in 1998. Jason Terry went 10th to Atlanta this year.

Gardner did not need Lute Olson and his sales staff to explain …